State Qualifiers 2014-2015

State Qualifiers: PHOTOGRAPHY

Contestants for photography were required to submit 5 photos that represented each of the following genres: Action, Landscape, Portrait, Reflection, and Still Life. Each photo was worth 10pt for a total of 50pts. There were 3  judges.

1st Place- Katelin Kelly- 125 points


Action shot


2nd Place- Alec Stolz- 119 points


Landscape Shot


3rd Place- Anja Oss- 118 points

Portrait- Shot

Portrait- Shot

Runner Up- Paula Mortel- 110 points

Landscape- Shot

Landscape- Shot

State Qualifiers: WEB DESIGN

The challenge this year was to do a redesign of the Colorado County Fair, Columbus, Texas. Students were judged on the code, header, navigation, content, design standards, and completion. Creative appeal was a considered, but not the focus. The pictures below show only the front page of the website. Putting a functional redesign on the web could create conflict with the real website (

1st Place- Jacob Neumann & Josh Schaffer

Team4web2nd Place- Morgan VanderReit & Rachel Sadler



Runner up: Chase Remme & Jeremy Isaac



State Qualifiers: 3D ANIMATION

The 3d challenge this year was to create a 3d model of a plane taking off from the Denver International Airport (DIA), flying over the mountains and crashing in a remote small town. The project was judged based on:

Quality of 3d Models:    15
Quality of Animation:    10
Addressing the prompts:    10
Creativity:    5
Text and sound:    5
Following instructions:    5

1st Place: Luis Avila & Jame Ambrosen

Team 13 Bird Encounter-poster2nd Place: Hunter Holmes and Sam Trout


3rd Place: Stephanie Chavez and Tyler Weiskopf

Team9BirdEncounter-posterRunner up: Bobby Vlier and Noah Gomez


Runnerup: Rogelio Flores & Scott McMahon



State Qualifiers: Video

The theme for this year’s video: “The Gift”. The Dialogue: “Give to the work what matters”. The Prop: A wrapped present.

1st Place: Travis Domagala & Weston Wilkins



2nd Place: Long Le & Chris Scarbrough


State Qualifiers: Programming

The Challenge was to write a program which will allow the user to enter and convert an US Dollar amount to the currency of different countries. The 2nd challenge was to write a program which will allow the user to find the weekly pay earned by an employee using a variation of input data.

1st Place: Nick Capra

2nd Place: Declan Kahn

3d Place: Julio Munoz

Runner up: Natan Getschel

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