3d Competition 2016- Toy Store

Story: Rendition of Toy Story

Scenario: The door has been shut as the toymaker leaves the store. But without realizing it, the toy maker knocks over a bottle of glue. The glue is stuck to one of the toys. If the glue is left to dry too long the toy will be forever stuck. His or her toy friends (5 of them) come to life and work together to find a way to free their friend. Toys rejoice that their friend is free.

Quality of Modeling: 25 points

Quality of Animation: 25 points

Answered all the Prompts: 20 points

Creativity: 10 points

Sound: 10 points

Follow Instructions: 10points

First Place: Hunter & Sam










Second Place: Rogelio & Scott










Third Place: Tyler & Stephanie










Alternate Runner Up: 4th place: Bobby & Noah










Alternate Runner Up: 5th place: Colin & Xavier




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