Competition Results 2019

3D Animation

1st Place: Jackson and Ismaiel
2nd Place: Jack and Owens
3rd Place: Kevin and David
4th Place: Clair and Ashley
5th Place: Owen and Derrick
6th Place: Jared and Lucas
7th Place: Francisco and Calsten
8th Place: Maya and Francis
9th Place: Cason and Seth
10th Place: Kaleb and Dalton
11th Place: Dana and Diana
12th Place:Camryn and Troi
13th Place: Enrique and Jonathan
14th Place: Jaylon and Antonio

Web Design

1st Place: Noah and Nick
2nd Place: Mitch and Wesley
3rd Place: JaNessa and Lydia
4th Place: Abby and Chris
5th Place: Kia and Yoon
6th Place: Andrea and Monika

Video- Digital Cinema

1st Place: Ben and Grace
2nd Place: Tim and Ryan C
3rd Place: Hunter and Jon
4th Place: Kage and Austin
5th Place Hector and Eyad


1st Place: Lauren
2nd Place: Zack
3rd Place: Jose
4th Place: Olivia (Alternate)

T- Shirt and Pin Design

1st Place:
2nd Place:

Computer Programming

1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
4th Place:

Quiz Bowl Team

Eva L
Aidan B
Matthew B
Ava W
Jack M

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