PROGRAM OF WORK : Chapter activities will provide some of the best opportunities for SkillsUSA members will have to learn by doing. A successful program of work creates a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom. SkillsUSA members learn how to accept responsibility, work as a team, manage a budget, and handle success and failure.


skillsusaLEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Becoming a professional involves more than skill. Be aware of the importance of labor and management in the work force. Plan a chapter project in addition to section workshops. TJ holds elections for officers. Bi-monthly chapter meetings are held, which the officers organized and lead.  A possible guest may be invited to the chapter meetings.


food driveCOMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Let your community know about your school. Show them what students can do. Promote goodwill by planning activities: Adopt a needy family at the holidays. This year we will be doing a food drive for Thanksgiving and Christmas for TJ families.



worldfinestFINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Fund-raising activities allow you the financial means to carry out other projects. Fundraising events for TJ’s SkillsUSA will be done this year in October 2022 and January of 2023 We will be selling and ButterBraids, World’s Finest Chocolates. Other fundraisers will be planned through the year.


champsWORKPLACE EXPERIENCES: Every year we have a in house competition to see who will be going to the Colorado State competition. Web & Video classes compete against each other one day and 3D another day. Photography will sometimes take an exhibition trip, and Software Programming will be done during class.   This takes the whole day and the students compete to see if they will qualify for State Conference competition.


broadcastADVOCACY AND MARKETING: Informing the community about chapter activities and achievements means credit to you and your school. Almost every SkillsUSA activity has public relations value. Here at TJ SkillsUSA information is published on the school website, When needed it is also announced on our local public broadcast Spartan Edition show. Many posters are hung around TJ to publicize this program. Part of building social responsibility is to get to know each other better by holding activities outside of the classroom. TJ’s SkillsUSA is going to be having a Holiday party in December. Guest speaker often asked to speak. Check back for an exact date!


partyPARTNER AND ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT: Engaging former members, parents, advisory committees, administrators, faculty and business and industry partners in SkillsUSA chapter and classroom activities.  This year we plan on inviting a former SkillsUSA TJ member and president, invite industry guest speakers. engage parents at our end of the year celebration, have representation at our program advisory committee.